Architectural Services

Our Architectural Services includes house design – Urban design, residential and commercial interior design, renovations, commercial, subdivisions, throughout the resource consent and building consent process

We provide advice and guidance on all aspects of sustainable building, in particular:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Passive solar heating
  • Resource efficiency
  • Efficient and renewable heating options
  • Water efficiency
  • Site management
  • Sustainable subdivision design
  • Site use and landscaping
  • Renewable energy generation
  • Indoor air quality and health
  • Natural daylighting
  • Materials
  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
  • Onsite water treatment

We can offer developers, designers and building owners advice on projects of any size and at any stage, but sustainability principles are most effective if they are considered early on in a project.

Some of the benefits of sustainable building are:

  • Energy efficient buildings produce fewer greenhouse gasses that harm the global environment while being more economic to run.
  • Efficient use of durable materials protect the planet’s finite resources.
  • Using natural or benign materials produce less pollution during manufacture and contribute towards a healthy internal living environment.
  • Subdivisions which are considerate of the specific needs of the land and community are more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.
  • Environmentally sustainable design (ESD) in work places can increase productivity of employees.