Basecamp Wanaka

About This Project
The climbing wall dominates the building outside and inside is the focus of the space, with the three levels of the building wrapping around it and giving exciting close up viewing opportunities for spectators.

Great outlooks to the mountains are also gained from the upper levels and the decks associated with the social spaces in the building

The spacious main living area opens on three sides, connecting the house to the site and allowing the room to expand outside in the summer.

There is a gradation in this multi-purpose building from more active spaces for climbing at the lower levels to most sedentary for lounges and offices at the upper levels to take advantage of the heat rising to the upper part of the three-level space. There is also a graduation from public spaces to the north-west to more private and service spaces to the south-east.

The materials and structure are generally visible inside the space and finishes were pared back for both functional and cost reasons.  Furniture and fittings did not form part of the original building contract.  Since the building was completed it has been sold and transformed into the Jack Rabbit Restaurant and Bar with Rubys Cinema below.  The flexibility and adaptability of the original building was noted during the conversion.